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Janelle Wise

Owner, Proofreader

As a professional proofreader of legal transcripts, I read through every page for content and punctuation mistakes.

Let me help you present your finest work. Mistakes happen to everyone, and a second set of eyes reading precisely for content and punctuation continuity is the best way to reach a higher level of production.

I can save you time and take the weight of perfection off of your shoulders.

We know that proofreading transcripts is an art, not a science. While it is important to know the punctuation rules, readability is king. Not every scenario fits the rules, and I can highlight those situations and help you make the best possible decisions. I proofread transcripts with the rules first, while keeping your individual preferences in mind. Having a good working relationship with a court reporter is key to turning in the best possible transcript. I am interested in creating a team with you and knocking transcripts out of the park.

I honed my proofreading skills on various types of real-world transcripts: depositions, unsworn statements, hearings, EUOs, and interpreted proceedings. Those transcripts ran the gamut of content including workers’ compensation, insurance, medical, and construction industries. I am primed to take on the work and prepared to help make your workload more manageable.

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