Turnaround & Rates


$.40 Per Page
2-3 Business Days
w/Full Audio $.80 Per Page


$.60 Per Page
24-48 Hours
w/Full Audio $1.20 Per Page


$.80 Per Page
24 Hours or Less
w/Full Audio $1.60 Per Page

*Audio Spot-Checks are $.20 each*

*I reserve the right to charge higher rates for very messy or technical transcripts.*

Please let me know as soon as possible if you have a job that is 200 pages or more before you start working on it. I need to make sure that I have room in my schedule to accommodate it. I would also like to work on it in about 50-page chunks as you finish in order to return it in a timely fashion.

I mark transcripts using red text and yellow highlighting right on the page. I return the annotated pages via email in a PDF file. You must possess the latest version of Adobe Reader to see my corrections.

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